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Former front man and founder of the 90′s underground political punk rock band Twisted Nixon, Punish jobs on making music that matters for the thinking man.

After his stint with Twisted Nixon ended in the earlty 2000′s, Punish disappeared into the jungles of the America's looking for the meaning of life. His time in the wilderness, or as he refers to it "the enlightening" gave Punish a few survival scars on which he could contrast and compare with his massive wounds incurred during his time in the belly of the beast.

During his travels, he met with all facets of societies both hob-knobbing with elites and serfs alike looking for reasons to explain the disparities, oppression, hate, anger, lies, poverty, misery, murders, hate and war.

Finally flying with the wind, Punish landed with two feet on the ground armed with new experiences and ready to rock n share with music that matters.